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Worship Ministry

International Faith Outreach Ministry (IFOM) believes that Worship is a key component in helping us connect with the Lord. Our aim in the Worship Ministry is to be used by the Lord to tansform the atmosphere to be filled with the presence of God. We believe that the Lord is looking for true worshippers as mentioned in John 4:23. Our Worship Ministry is a vibrant ministry that Praises and Worships the Lord in truth and in Spirit.


Youth Ministry

IFOM has a vibrant Youth Ministry with a main goal of enhancing the spiritual walk of young adults and drawing them closer to Christ. The IFOM Youth engage in different activities that engage and help the young people in their spiritual walk with God. Among the activities the youth get involved in include youth seminars, youth concerts, different youth outings for gospel concerts, collaborations with other church youth groups, car washes, cookouts among other activities. The youth also have a young adults praise and worship team that trains them to become worshippers of the most high God.


Children's Ministry

IFOM has a children's ministry that handles all children from toddlers to age 12. The Sunday School teachers divide the children by age group to teach them the gospel of Christ. We believe in what the scriptures say in Proverbs 22:6 that we should train up a child in the way he should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. The children's ministry is one of the ministries we have heavily invested in to ensure that we prepare the children for the work of the Lord in the future.


Transport Ministry

IFOM is blessed with a church van and if you live in the greater Springfield area and do not have a ride to come to church, we will happily provide you with a ride. If you need a ride to come to church, you can click HERE to request it. We prefer that you put in a request one day in advance for proper planning.


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